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The Shop Explained...  

The Flags…

There are 4 basic flag sizes.  Small, Medium, Large & XL (message me for a custom-sized flag not listed).  Each flag can be made with, or without the glass (or plexiglass enclosure.  All flags have the design, stars, name, etc. cut with a CNC machine.  There are several type of CNC cuts that can be made on the various flags (see pics in the shop).  Ordering essentially comes down to what size you want, what color scheme you want (traditional red/white/blue, subdued, thin blue line, etc.), if you want an emblem in the union (or other part of the flag), and any other special requests (e.g. a unit patch cut into the flag and permanently attached).  Prices for basic flags are below.

10DC Default Price List.png

Only 5-Star Reviews…

I've been working with wood since I was a small child, and I've always loved it.  I didn't start making Challenge Coin Cases as the basis to start a business (yet here I am), I built them because I enjoyed doing it.  And that comes through in the quality of our cases.  Through 2020 we've had 100+ reviews of our glass encased display cases (on our Etsy shop), and each one was a 5-star review.  We're not saying that we've had several 5-Star reviews (several businesses can make that claim)... what we're saying is that we've ONLY had 5-Star reviews.

*update: we recently had one 4-star review, but that flag was never shipped to her (she had it shipped to her friend), so she never saw it (just pictures I sent to her).  And she never said why she gave it a 4-star review (I asked).

Timeline on Orders…

Most custom pieces take about 6-7 weeks to create.  I usually promise to ship in 5-7 weeks.  If you have any questions on how long the current wait is, and the estimated ship date, feel free to ask.  I’ve attempted to automate the ordering process as much as I can, but there will be some instances in which you will need to send me the emblem, or select a font before we can move forward with the design -- and this requires some interaction.  We’re happy spending as much time with our customers on the design process as they'd like, but I understand that many people would prefer to put their order in with minimal interaction, and just have it show up on their front door 6-7 weeks later.  We’ve tried to design the website around that principle as much as possible.


Ready Now! Orders…

The Shopping Page labeled “Ready Now!” has flags (and other items) that have been premade and are ready to ship out immediately (no later than 3 business days unless we are out of town).  These flags are often on sale and can be purchased at a discount, however, personalizing them is not usually an option as they are a finished product.

Adding an emblem to a union (or anywhere else on the flag) generally requires an emblem set-up fee.

CNC Cut Emblem:  $30

Laser Cut Emblem:  $35

CNC Cut Emblem with (paint) color:  $35

CNC Cut Emblem with (epoxy) color:  $65



Good / Fast / Cheap...

A Venn Diagram commonly used in the art world displays three circles labeled "Good", "Fast" and "Cheap".  The artist will tell the customer, "pick two, because all three is impossible".  I operate in two of those three realms.  Traditionally I work in the "Slow" (Good / Cheap) and "Expensive" (Good / Fast) realms.  My standard timeline is about 3-4 weeks with reasonable pricing.  I also offer "expedited processing" for $40 which will put your flag at the top of the work list and usually ships a week or two faster.  I do not operate in the Low Quality realm (Cheap / Fast).

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