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**includes free personalization (if having union cut with CNC machine)**


Approximate Dimensions: 40” x 22.5”


Coin Capacity: 85-90 standard size coins on 6 shelves


Description: Default method is to cut this flag using a CNC machine (union & name/phrase). You can have the stars laser cut and glued on, but must message me letting me know you’d like the glued-on stars. The flag is encased in pull-and-replace plexiglass (or real glass if local pickup). Message me for additional customization options.


NOTE: some options in this listing might include additional upgrades (e.g. an emblem in the union)

XL US Flag Challenge Coin Case (w/ free personalization)

  • This flag comes with a pull and replace plexiglas case (easy to swap out with real glass or another piece of plexiglas in the future).  This flag mounts on a wall with a French Cleat (included).  Just put one side of the French Cleat on the wall, level the cleat and attach the other side.  The case will then hang level on the wall.

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