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IMPORTANT INFORMATION (please read before ordering)


IMPORTANT INFORMATION (please read before ordering)

Large Size Flags
Dimensions:  36.5 x 20.5 x 3.5 (inches)
Coins:  holds 75-80 coins on 6 shelves


The main case in this ad uses the below options (select the below options when ordering if you like the way this flag looks):
Frame Stain Color:  Early American
Frame Edge Design:  Classic Cove (Round Over is my favorite with this design)
Cut/Color:  inverse CNC (i-CNC) Black/Gray with TBL (thin blue line)
Joinery:  Hooded Joints with sliding plexiglass
* the pictures in this ad include a laser etched/inlayed emblem/badge, which is not included, but can be added



Personalization is free (name, dates of service, etc.).  Standard personalization options are:

Font:  Copperplate Gothic Bold (CGB)

Location:  Centered on top line


Character Limit:  35 (contact me if you’d like more characters or multiple lines)

If you’d like something other than the standard personalization options, please contact me.  Please double check all your personalization inputs as I cut/paste what you type directly into my CNC software.  Emblems/logos are usually extra and can be purchased in my shop (link below). 



Tempered glass is available for cases that will be picked up locally.  I use Plexiglas for all flags that ship.  Contrary to popular belief, you can’t tell the difference between Plexiglas and tempered glass just by looking at it.  Plexiglas does scratch more easily, but tempered glass breaks more easily (and when shipping, I’m more concerned about the glass breaking and scratching up the flag design).  I also offer an option to give you a $10-20 credit and ship the flag with no plexiglass.  You would then go to a local glass store and have them cut you a piece of glass that will fit, and you can install once you receive the case.  Installation of a new piece of glass is very simple.  Contact me for more info on this option.


------------------- BREAK BREAK -----------------


BASIC INFORMATION (stuff you don’t have to read, but has some good info FYI in it)


All flags are handmade.  They take about 6-7 weeks to create (on average).  Prior to ordering you can put your zip code in the shipping section and Etsy will give you a window of when to expect your order (6-8 weeks from order date).


If a flag is “in stock” it means that I have the pieces/material to make it (still takes 6-8 weeks to put those pieces together).  I do have a selection of READY NOW flags that have already been made, and the pictures in the ad are of the flag/case that you will actually receive.  Link to my shop is below.


If you’d like something made that isn’t in my shop (a custom design, national flag, etc.), contact me for options. 

Large US Flag Thin Blue Line Challenge Coin Case

  • This flag comes with a pull and replace plexiglas case (easy to swap out with real glass or another piece of plexiglas in the future).  This flag mounts on a wall with a French Cleat (included).  Just put one side of the French Cleat on the wall, level the cleat and attach the other side.  The case will then hang level on the wall.

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