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IMPORTANT INFORMATION (please read before ordering)

XL Size
Dimensions: 40 x 22.5 x 3.5 (inches)
Coins: holds 85-90 coins on 6 shelves

The case in this ad uses the below options (select the below options when ordering if you like the way this flag looks):
Frame Stain Color: Dark Walnut
Frame Edge Design: Round Over
Cut/Color: Basic Red/White/Blue (“white” being the natural wood color)
Joinery: Hooded Joint w/ sliding plexiglass. This design has hidden fasteners in the frame handle (screws attached from the backside of the handle).

Note: Round Over edge looks best with the hooded joint, but I can get Classic Cove or Roman Ogee to work if you'd prefer

Personalization is free (name, dates of service, etc.). Standard personalization options are:
Font: Copperplate Gothic Bold (CGB)
Location: Centered on top line

Character Limit: 35 (contact me if you’d like more characters or multiple lines)
If you’d like something other than the standard personalization options, please contact me. Please double check all your personalization inputs as I cut/paste what you type directly into my CNC software. Emblems/logos are usually extra and can be purchased in my shop (link below).

XL Thin Red Line US Flag Challenge Coin Case (w/ free personalization)

  • This flag comes with a pull and replace plexiglas case (easy to swap out with real glass or another piece of plexiglas in the future).  This flag mounts on a wall with a French Cleat (included).  Just put one side of the French Cleat on the wall, level the cleat and attach the other side.  The case will then hang level on the wall.

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